Friday, 2 October 2015

Enhance your Knowledge and learn new facts with Google Fun facts

Google has recently launched a new search keyword that offers us addictive knowledge ,this is similar to the once we used earlier like define word,time in india etc,The ‘fun fact’ keyword provides,us informative facts from various areas,This will help us boosting the trivia knowledge along with entertainment,once you perform this search google displays random facts,click ask another question to view more facts.

So next time when you are Bored at School,office or work,Just google Fun fact or I’m Feeling Curious
This feature by google aims to keep us entertained and amazed,once you perform this search ,it shows up a question on the top,which is answered in the following paragraph,Clicking on the ‘Ask another question’ will generate another fact,and if you keep clicking ‘Ask another question’ this will create an endless sequence of random facts.
The facts will appear in English,each of the fact is pulled out from other sites,google also provides a link to the site from where the answer is referred to,you can click on the link to view the source,and gain more knowledge regarding the fact,this will work only with google on desktop,mobile users can’t test it,now just head to google and start exploring the facts.


  1. Good opportunity to increase general knowledge.

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