Sunday, 2 August 2015

Pc tips,tweaks-Find when was windows installed,Bypass Autoplay,Freeze pc using notepad and more

Get the more out of your PC Today we are presenting a collection of small tips,tricks and tweaks for PC that will let you get different things out of the same pc,Play pranks on friends freezing their PC and make a shortcut to open up all your favorite websites,have a look at all the tips below all the necessary instructions are attached.


1)Get to know the Windows installation date:-Find out when Windows was installed on your computer,this will also let you discover ,how old your PC actually is ,to do follow the steps below.
a)Press Windows key+R and type CMD,
b)Hit enter and input the following command     systeminfo | find/i “Original”
c)Press enter and done,command prompt will now display exact date and time of OS installation on your PC.

2)Bypass auto play for DVD,CD,Flash drives:-When you insert a flash drive,or any other device into the pc,windows brings an autoplay menu with various sort of options,to bypass it follow the instructions below.
a)Click Start/windows button,
b)Type autoplay and click autoplay settings,
c)Now select the option ‘Take no action’ for your respective device.

3)Freeeze PC using notepad:-Freeze up a PC using notepad,this will be good trick to play prank on your friends,just open a file and the pc will freeze up,to restore it just restart the pc.
a)Press Windows key+R and type notepad,
b)Press enter and in notepad type    %0|%0
c)Save the file as anyname.bat,
d)The pc will freeze up every time this file opens up.
4)Abandon Menu display to speed up Pc-Speed up your PC by editing the registry,follow the simple steps to tweak these setting,this will help you optimize the speed of your computer by removing the menu display delay.
a)Click Windows key+R and type Regedit,
b)Press enter and find HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktop
c)Modify the value of “MenuShowDelay” to “0” ,
d)Finally enforce it by restarting your PC.
5)Create a shortcut for all your favorite websites:-Create a shortcut to open up all your favorite websites using notepad,this will let you access all your favorite websites instantly without opening each of them separately everytime.
a)Press Windows key+r and type notepad,
b)hit enter and in notepad type the following
@echo off
start “Facebook” “”
ping -n 1 -w 1000 > nul
start “Google+” “”
start “Twitter” “”
start “Gmail” “”
start “Yahoo” “”
c)Save the file as Good morning sites.bat
d)Open the file to open all your sites instantly.
Replace the URLs listed above with your favorite websites,these websites will open up with the default browser set on your computer.
6)Fastest way to shutdown the PC:-Want to turn off your pc instantly without following any route, just follow the steps below,this will let you create a shortcut to shut down the PC instantly.
a)Goto Desktop Right click > new > shortcut
b)In the shortcut input the following string and click next %windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -s -t 0
c)save the shortcut as shut down
Double click on this icon when ever you want to turn off the PC next time.

7)How to enable Hibernate Mode in Windows 8 or 8.1:-Many of us think that the Hibernate option which was present on windows 7 has been withdrawn for Windows 8,but this is not true,in-fact hibernate option is disabled by default in widows 8 and can be activated by following the steps below
a)Click on the windows key/start menu, or press windows key+w
b)Start typing ‘Power’ and click ‘power options’ from a list of options,
c)Now locate the option ‘Choose what power button can do’ from left side and click the same,
d)Finally click on the option ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable’
e)Tick mark the hibernate option and save the changes.
Now you will get the Hibernate option under shutdown key.

8)Check if a website is safe or not using Google:-Determine if a website is safe or not using google ,just open up a link to get the information regarding whether the website is suspicious or not,follow the steps below.
a)Just copy this link in your browser
b)Replace site name with the url of the website you want to check for example
c)Open up the link and get the result.
9)Get saved wifi password on your PC:-Recover saved Wifi password from your PC,In case you forgot a wifi connection’s password saved on your PC ,You can easily recover the password using this small procedure,the steps are as follow:-
a)Goto Wifi signal icon near the time and right click on it,
b)Click on Open network and sharing center
c)Click on Wifi under connections head
d)Finally click Wireless properties > Security and tick mark show characters.

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