Thursday, 12 February 2015

Just Get a Checkup of your Google account and get free Permanent 2 gb additional Google Drive Storage

Google as a part of safer internet campaign is giving google drive users free 2 gb additional google drive storage for just checking the security for their account,this will take around 2 minutes ,the checkup will ensure a complete protection of your account.
Link:-Security settings
It will take just a couple of minutes,and the reward is just a part of thank to you from google.
The whole process will ensures that:-
1)Your account recovery information is current and reliable,
2)Your recent sign in activity is reviewed by you,
3)You know about the apps and devices that have access to your account information.

After you successfully complete the process ,the three green check boxes will appear on screen,they will confirm your eligibility for the free reward,the free storage will be added to your account till 28th Feb and you will get an email for the same.

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