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Best Strategy To Earn $100 Daily with ClixSense

Clixsense Strategy

Before anything else, let me just ask these questions?

1. What are you to lose?
    - NOTHING but a minute of your time
2. What are you to gain?
    - a LIFE-TIME opportunity to change you!

You can actually earn $$$ online simply by viewing advertisements. This is for FREE so do not hesitate to join now. If in doubt, you can check google or the internet for authenticity. Again, it is for FREE.

Lastly, and perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT information you need to know, EVERY MONTH a lucky winner will be upgraded to a PREMIUM USER FOR FREE for simply by getting the MOST NUMBER OF CLICKS FOR THE MONTH.

To join, simply click here.

Go to site click here
What is ClixSense?

ClixSense is one of the most popular PTC (Paid-To-Click) sites which pays you to click advertisements. They do one thing consistently and that is they pay instantly. They seem to have a clear business model and show a level of sustainability that you normally do not see. Some people complain that it is not easy to make a lot of money with ClixSense and they are right. But with the right strategy it is not hard to make a good amount of money consistently without the worry of the company disappearing tomorrow. You need to pick a strategy and stay with it for the long haul. With a few minutes a day you can really generate a nice income stream with ClixSense. This Strategy Guide will teach you how to make REAL money with them, without paying them a thing.
The only catch is that you will not be making that $100/day right off the bat! The name of this game is PATIENCE.
At FIRST, you will be earning ONLY in CENTS every time you CLICK ADVERTISEMENTS for the first few days. The key to success in ClixSense is through referrals. To be plain, you DO NOT HAVE referrals, you will NOT earn.

Having said this, the problem is solved through THE FORCED MATRIC SYSTEM created by ClixSense Team Philippines. Learn more about the team's goals and objectives by reading some more, or simply visit the website here.
Enough of the introductions, before we start you need to have an account. Sign up here.
It is important that you religiously follow the instructions below to hit the goal.
Step 1
Start by registering your account for FREE here.During registration, fill out all the necessary details and change the mode of payment into Check (International) with your name in it. In this manner,you will be able to create an account without spending anything. This is also the only way to register IF YOU DO NOT have Paypal, Alertpay, etc. Or if you have the extra cash now, might as well plan your SOLID investment and have the easier way through the most trusted and guaranteed money generating system of ClixSense Team .
Step 2
Start earning. There are several ways for you to earn money with ClixSense. First is by viewing advertisements that are in our system. You earn commissions for every ad you see. The amount per ad ranges from $0.001 and up to $0.02. See the advertisements here.

(You might consider watching a movie at the side of your computer's screen while you enjoy earning! Multi-tasking can be fun this way.)

Other ways you can earn from ClixSense is through promoting others to our site with our affiliate program. You earn downline click commissions, upgrade commissions and a commission from your referrals's purchases. You can start inviting your friends here.
You can also earn additional commissions by completing tasks, participating in surveys and winning in ClixGrid
Step 3
Get your referrals. As previously mentioned, your referrals are the key to success in ClixSense. Not only are you compensated for referring others you also get commissions whenever your direct referrals click on PTC Ads, purchase advertising or whenever they or their referrals upgrade to Premium through 8 levels!
Direct Referrals are your level 1. Technically, they are the ones who signed up in ClixSense by clicking your Affiliate Link. Indirect referrals are your level 2-8 referrals that joined ClixSense via your direct referral's affiliate link.

You can find your Affiliate Link on your Account Summary Page.
My Affiliate Link:
The xxxxxxx represents the number shown on your profile. This is your affiliate or referral id.
This step should never be stopped. This should be the heart of all the steps since everything will depend in this very crucial stage.

QUESTION: Do I earn downline click commissions from my lower levels?
- No, you will only earn downline click commissions from your first level or direct referrals. This applies to both standard and premium members. Thus, you NEED to recruit as many direct referrals as you can.

But worry not because I will teach you also on how to get unlimited direct referrals.


Step 4
Never Cash out early. This should be the last thing in your mind once you reach the minimum. Most people would try to cash out the money upon reaching $10 to see if the program is legit or not. You should remember, ClixSense has been here since 2007 for a reason!
The only think that should be on your mind right now is to upgrade your account to a premium member.
Step 5
Upgrade your account to premium ASAP. Once you finally reach $17, then by all means please Upgrade to a Premium Account User. Since this will make your earnings skyrocket, and reach your goal a whole lot faster. Below is a table of comparison as to why you should upgrade your account to a premium user.
If you have paypal, alertpay or other mode of payments that can be used in Clixsense, you can only upgrade up to level 1 or direct referrals.

So how are you going to upgrade the people from levels 2 - 8?
You can manually send a payment of $17 at for your lower levels and ClixSense will upgrade them. You just have to submit a ticket, and when you do so ClixSense will upgrade their accounts INSTANTLY.

PREMIUM Sponsors
PTC Ad Clicks
Each time your direct referrals click on PTC (Paid-to-Click) Advertisements, not only do they get paid but you get paid too! With unlimited referrals your earning potential is endless. There are 4 different ad types, each offering a different commission - learn more here.
Referral Signups
For Premium Members we offer one of the most generous signup commissions per referral in the PTC industry. Only active referrals generate signup
Commission per Signup
$0.5 after $1.00 in Click Earnings
Advertising Sales
Earn even more whenever your direct referrals purchase Ad Credits or ClixGrid links. For example if you are a Premium member and one of your referrals buys a ClixGrid link you immediately earn $1.50 for doing nothing! However there are some limits as shown here:
Commission per Purchase
10% up to $1.00
10% up to $2.00
Limit per Referral
Premium Membership Upgrades
This is where the true power of the ClixSense affiliate program comes into play. With 8 levels there's no limit on how much you can earn, although you'll have to upgrade yourself to take full advantage of this because Standard members earn only from their direct referrals. Whenever your direct referrals upgrade, you're instantly paid $2.00! If you are a Premium member and if your referrals refer others who also upgrade you are instantly paid $1.00 for each upgrade through 8 levels! You just got paid for doing nothing!
Level #1 - direct referrals
Level #2 - referred by level 1
Level #3 - referred by level 2
Level #4 - referred by level 3
Level #5 - referred by level 4
Level #6 - referred by level 5
Level #7 - referred by level 6
Level #8 - referred by level 7
CrowdFlower Tasks
Yet another income stream. ClixSense gives everyone the opportunity to earn more by completing small Tasks, but by referring others you also earn
Commission per Task
Step 6
Join other networking groups that could support you in this endeavor such as  FACEBOOK groupsyahoo groupsgoogle groups, etc...

Upon group approvals, you gain access to post your referral link to their walls of the members, giving you INFINITE possibledirect referrals. The members of the different groups will then be able to see your link. Make sure to use catching tag lines such as earning $, easy money, etc.
Step 7
Read the ClixSense forums from the website from time to time so that you will know more tricks on how to earn better!
Step 8
Never stop referring your account to other people. This will provide you with unlimited leads, referral commisions and a daily source of $100 per day soon!

Step 9
Continue enjoy your life while earning at the same time!
Earning at ClixSense while multi-tasking (watching anime and using web-traffic exchanger)

Have not signed up yet? Register NOW!
Change your life NOW!


Getting Started

Before following Clixsense Strategy Guide please join Clixsense by clicking the banner below.
  • Join Clixsense by clicking the banner above.
  • Upgrade to your account to Premium to increase your income (costs only $17 for a year).
  • Follow the Clixsense Strategy described below.

Clixsense Strategy to Earn

Your Clixsense strategy will be following these few ways to generate income;
  • Income from viewing ads, doing tasks and offers by you.
  • Commissions paid to you from your Direct Referrals (DRs) activities.
  • Commissions paid to you when your each DR choose to upgrade.
  • Complete daily tasks to receive bonus.
  • And of course, upgrade for $17.Clixsense Strategy: Premium vs Standard
  • If you can’t recruit referrals then do Crowd Flower tasks and complete surveys. There is a way for everyone to earn in Clixsense.

Clixsense Review

NOTE: Clixsense doesn’t provide referral rentals. Clixsense is online since 2007 and had paid about $10,000,000 to its members. Thus Clixsense is a safe and great place to develop your affiliate marketing base. Unlike all other PTC sites, in Clixsense you don’t need to be active to be receive commissions from your referrals. But it is advisable to stay active everyday and complete tasks and offers to boost your income. The main Clixsense strategy to success will be to get as many direct referrals and find a way to keep them active. There are many ways to go about finding referrals and assuring their activity. Keep reading for more information.

Clixsense Strategy Without Direct Referrals

If you are not a hardcore blogger with an active Facebook fan base, then it might be just a day dream to have a lots of direct referrals for Clixsense. Reality check: if you are planning to promote Clixsense in other PTC sites, guess what? They already know and joined Clixsense. The only PTC site where you can get some referrals from is Neobux. Because plenty of newbie PTC people are joining Neobux everyday. But advertising in Neobux is expensive.
Now there is another way out without direct referrals. Observe this Clixsense Strategy so you maybe able to earn $5 to $15 everyday.
In addition to watching ads Clixsense offers multiple ways of income. One of them is doing tasks – precisely Crowd Flower tasks. If you don’t know a Crowd Flower task is then read carefully. Crowd Flower is a data enrichment, data mining and crowd sourcing company based in San Francisco, California (USA). The company provides its users a service platform where millions of people can clean, label and enrich data. In simple words, using Crowd Flower service platform you can earn money for doing different online tasks. For example find adult content in a webpage and report, where is this restaurant is situated, verify the mailing address on the tax return etc. Each task pays you between $0.02 to $0.13 or more and may take you a few minutes to complete. If you are just beginning then a task might take up to an hour to complete. But don’t worry! Once you get the hang of it you can complete tasks that are similar in much shorter time and you can complete many tasks in a day. So your Clixsense Strategy for Crowd Flower task is to complete 30 – 40 tasks everyday which translates to $5 – $7 earning everyday. And the advantage with Crowd Flower is as you progress improving your accuracy completing a task, they will unlock more tasks that pay higher.
Scan the image below! That’s my Crowd Flower dashboards as of 31/01/2015. Click the image below, if you want to go directly to Clixsense Crowd Flower dashboards.
Clixsense Strategy: Crowd Flower Tasks
Clixsense Strategy: Crowd Flower Tasks
If you can complete your daily activity Clixsense will reward you with 2+2=4% daily checklist bonus on your total income for the day. And that is great! In this way you can easily turn $7 income into $12 by just completing your daily activity.
Many have complained that Clixsense is a slow earner. Unfortunately it is true for most of its members. And it doesn’t have to be true for you! The obvious reason for their failure is they don’t take advantage of all the resources Clixsense has to offer. Take a look at the earnings below;
Clixsense Strategy: A Day of Earnings

Clixsense Strategy to Get Direct Referrals

  • Build catchy splash pages of Clixsense and promote them in traffic exchange and other PTC sites. Write the features and benefits to capture traffic.
  • Build a catchy one page landing page and market it to the right audience. Embed a YouTube video to gain an extra edge. The aim of this landing page is email marketing. So, don’t forget to provide a subscription option in your landing page.
  • Follow up with your subscribers weekly or bi-weekly by sending newsletter and you will be surprised many will join your downline.
  • Don’t SPAM your subscribers. They´ll simply ignore you.
  • Create a Facebook page or a blog for Clixsense. Update contents frequently and create polls and activities. Polls are a great way to learn the minds of your subscribers.
  • Be active to bring your subscribers to your blog or Facebook page. I offer incentives to my subscribers to stay active in Clixsense.
  • Be unique and create banners of your blog or Facebook page and advertise in adhitz, PTC sites, Facebook etc. There is no point in creating Clixsense banner since there are many out there.
  • If you’d like to join Clixsense, you can join through my referral link by clicking here. If not :-(, you can click here.

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