Thursday, 22 January 2015

Easy trick to get your facebook page verified quickly

There have been lots of requests from our users ,requesting for a facebook page verification trick,Here is an easy trick that will let you get your facebook page verified follow these steps

Previously we posted about facebook business page
These pages are easy to get verified,however many people were requesting reversion ,after converting there fan page to a business page,
Likes is not an issue but its favourable to have atleast 5000 likes
Goto This link
and fillup your information
Make sure your email is professional like
In advertising objectives input that you want to verify your facebook page before using advertising program
specify that without verification i can’t buy Advertising from Facebook.

Method 2:-
Login to your facebook account and goto this link
send them the following message or any other
”Hello, Facebook I have a issue than before using fb’s Advertising program i wanna give professional look to my fb business verify my fb Page by Verified Logo so please accept my Verification request”

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