Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Make $10 Everyday From Bubblews - How To Earn More Money At Bubblews

Earn More From Bubblews
This article aims to provide a full guide to earn more money from bubblews , a fast growing website that pays their users to write micro articles upon their interest. If you are new to bubblews you can learn the basic things to get a clear idea about their program in the below two articles.

Now, I am going to reveal a few known and unknown earning secrets of bubblews , but make sure you checked the about two introductory posts before proceeding further.

Bubblews Earning Method :

Currently, they are paying $0.01 for each view, like/dislike, comment and social network share that our post generates . You may think the one cent as little for you, but you can make more money at bubblews as your account gets old. There is an interesting feature in the form of connections, so here you can connect with many people and expect them to follow your posts in back. The more you participate in others posts, the more they’ll return the favor to you.

How To Earn More Money At Bubblews ?

I think it is very easy and quick to make money at bubblews, but many people suffering to earn at least $10 everyday. So I am writing my ideas and putting everything to let you earn more than the amount I mentioned above.

1. Write More Articles :

It is the first thing you required to earn more money at bubblews, as we already know that more posts means more earnings. Since Bubblews is limiting their users for posting more than ten articles in a day, we must utilize all the ten to maximize our earnings. So I suggest you to post ten articles every day, but maintain a gaph of atleast one hour between each post to get more likes and comments.

2. Be Active And Participate :

The main secret for making huge money at bubblews is hided in this paragraph. Just try to connect more and more people , participate in their posts with likes (or comments), so that they’ll return the same favor back to you.
But, don’t go blindly by liking every post that you view, just maintain 1:2 ratio between views and likes.

3. Get Views From Google :

If you think you are great writer then you can make lengthy articles by optimizing your blog posts for google. Before you expect some views from google, make sure that you have good skills in Search engine optimization (SEO). The other requirement to get traffic from google to your bubblews posts is writing high quality and original content. It might be difficult to get into this, but in this method you can earn more money at bubblews .

4. Share Your Bubblews Posts In Social Networks :

It could be the easy way to garner a few views for your posts with simple work. I think you already know the websites to share your content online, if not, then you can try the below sites.
Share to : facebook, twitter, linkedin, myspace, digg, reddit, google plus, stumbleupon, pinterest and so on.

5. Trick To Get Instant Views :

If you don’t have any followers in social networks , then you must submit at least in twitter and stumbleupon. Because you’ll get 10 views instantly by just submitting your bubblews posts to these sites. I don’t know how we are getting the views automatically, but there is no problem for your account with this activity.

Follow Bubblews Terms

These methods are verified by me, and I proved that there is no problem for our accounts as I received sixteen payments so far. Anyhow follow the below tips while you are trying to make more money at bubblews.
- Never ask anyone to connect you back or like your posts.
- Never like your own posts, however you can view or comment as a reply to others.
- Never use any softwares and traffic exchange websites.

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